Things I have learned in programming (June 26, 2010)

Working in a startup company is an oportunity. You will have chances to get familiar with many programming languages. For me, they are PHP, JS, Python, XBL (Firefox Add-on), C#, C++, Bash, Windows Commandline (and of course, HTML and CSS)

XBL 1.0 is a Mozilla-specific technology, and not a W3C standard. However, at least two standards are being worked on: sXBL and XBL 2.0. In my opinion, XBL is more powerful than XHTML.

1. How to fix overflow problem?

There are so many ways to achieve this. I only show 2 ways.

1.a. The first way is using CSS overflow property. It’s CSS2. But you must set the width and height of container element in order to make overflow works properly.

#CF-carts-content, #CF-alerts-content, #CF-deals-content{

1.b. The second way is using XUL crop attribute. Yeah, XBL is more powerful. See this example code and result:

<xul:label class="CF-product-name CF-link" xbl:inherits="value=product_name" crop="end"/>