List contents of a directory by date in PHP

Sometimes, you need to list all contents of a directory, for example, to display all images in a specified directory. Unfortunately, PHP native functions to handle files and directories have a very limited capabilities. For example readdir, opendir and much more only takes 1 parameter. You might wonder how to list contents of a directory by date. Here is one solution for that problem: function listdir_by_date($path){ $dir = opendir($path); $list = array(); while($file = readdir($dir)){ if ($file != ‘.’ and $file != ‘..’){ //To make sure you will not overwrite an array key, add filename at the end of datetime $ctime = filectime($data_path . $file) . ‘,’ . $file; $list[$ctime] = $file; } } closedir($dir); krsort($list); return $list; } Pretty simple, huh?