How to connect to NYU-Poly wifi using Nokia E71 (and other Symbian phones)

I’ve been struggling with connecting to Poly-WiFi network using my Nokia E71. This page gives instruction to connect for iPhone, Windows and Mac but not for Symbian. Fortunately, after some finding on Internet and researching Poly network, I can define the correct configuration that enables my E71 to connect to Poly wireless. Here is the configuration detail:

Step 1: Go to Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Connection -> Access points and add new access point with the following information:

Step 2: Enter WLAN security setting and define:

Step 3: Enter EAP plug-in settings and disable ALL plug-ins except EAP-PEAP. Enter EAP-PEAP and define:

Step 4; Switch to EAPs tab and disable ALL plug-ins except EAP-MSCHAPv2. Enter EAP-MSCHAPv2 and define:

Step 5: Go back until you see home screen. You will be able to connect now. Bingo!