Today, the Internet is flooded with shortened URL. All links shared on Twitter are shortened (start with There is nothing wrong with it. I just don’t feel comfortable clicking a shortened URL without knowing where it will bring me to. How paranoid I am!

There are several reason I don’t trust shortened URL:

  1. They might contain tracking or referral code. SlickDeals heavily uses it (to make money, of course). Again, there is nothing wrong with it. They provide you a service and they deserve to get some money out of it.
  2. They might hide malicious URL, like XSS
  3. I hate them!

There are several expand URL services out there, however they just support a very limited set of URL shorten service. What I want is something more. I want to be able to track the final URL after a bunch of redirections. So I wrote this API:<your_url_here_no_escape_needed>

For example:

Here is the API result. You will be amazed how many hops it take to the final destination:!GQ96-PAKTEzy%3C1DD9%3A%2F%2FGGG.3x8A8wI.w86%3ASK%2Fw52w4-LMMPMQR-LKOOKSTR%3C%3Ca%3C1DD9C%3A%2F%2FGGG.08805y.w86%2F%3C

Suggestions welcome!

New API: Expand URL
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One thought on “New API: Expand URL

  • May 20, 2016 at 9:08 AM


    Thanks for your job on this api. I have a few question because, for my job, i need to expand url, and it’s hard to find a reliable api to do that. I wanted to call every url and check the response header to know the real url, but with the proxy in my company prevented me to use that solution.
    I wish to know how you expand the url, and how many call/hour can i do without problems with your api. (i have to expand url from lots of tweets and facebook posts).
    Is it a problem that i use your api for professional use ?

    Thanks in advance for your response


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