Increase “a little” privacy by disabling third party cookies

Have you remember searching for something or browsing some products, and the next day Facebook recommends the same or similar type of products? Companies these days try pretty hard to track your every movement.

Cookies is one of the main tracking panel. 1+ button, Like button, social button, … in general come with a tracking code that can track your behavior on the current website, and if, by accident (but very likely) you also logged in to Google, Facebook, …, these information will be linked to your Google, Facebook, … accounts. These information will be used to track, identify and ultimately, make money.

If you fell comfortable about this, that’s completely fine. However, if you fell disturbing and disguising, here are some little tricks that can gain you a little privacy.

  1. Install AdBlock or AdBlockPlus. They are not the same, by the way.
  2. Disable third party cookies. On Safari, it’s located at Preferences -> Privacy and select “Allow from current website only”. On Chrome, it’s located at Settings -> Show advanced settings… -> Content settings… and check “Block third-party cookies and site data”. I don’t use any other browser, so I can’t tell where this option located, but it should be pretty easy to figure it out.
  3. Do-Not-Track option does not help at all, so don’t bother trying this.

Hope this make you fell a little secure.