Goodbye, San Francisco!

It’s hard to say goodbye. I’ve spent exactly 14 weeks here. Yet I only have few more days before heading to Phoenix before coming back to New York. My first impression of San Francisco is “cold like hell”. As someone who spent the last 3 summers in New York, I was not expecting this kind of weather. Over the past 14 weeks, my weekly routine is almost the same: work hard Mon-Fri and play hard Sat-Sun. My typical week started with a Monday full of meetings. As an intern, I found my Monday schedule horrifying, or as my coworker often said “horrendous”. I could hardly get anything done on Monday. I felt the pain of FTEs or managers, who often had 5x more meetings as me. But as my manager said, Monday is the best day to set goals for the whole week. I usually had lunch at around 12:30pm by went up one floor through the emergency exit, got food and went outside to the patio. Lunch finished by a quick detour to get tea, sour patch kids and TCHO chocolates and back to my floor though another stair. Occasionally there were popups with tiny proportion of treats, like ice cream, s’more and pie. We went to a bar almost every week and had team lunch each month. During weekend, I either went to South Bay to visit my friends, or stayed in the city to explore food and drinks. I’ve been to countless number of coffee shop, found some good ones (Four Barrel!, Philz!) and also not so good ones. But none of the Vietnamese restaurants in the city is as good as in New York. I met so many people there, from many different ages and backgrounds. Each and everyone of them had something I want to learn

Summer Reflections

Summer has come to an ends. It has been a lot of hard work and a lot of funs. Over the past 11 weeks, I’ve been “struggling” to find time to write blog. So this weekend, I decided to fuck it, I’m staying at home doing nothing. Well, only if life can be this simple. This weekend I need to finish a long overdue project, revise a paper and plan for my departure. So here I am, 2pm on a Saturday afternoon in the darkest corner of my office. But first thing first, I am going to write a blog post to reflect what I’ve done this summer. First, I secured my first internship in the US. Well, I’ve been interning at CUSP for 2 years, but it’s not technically a real internship. I got a new cubicle, a new machine, a nicer pay check but still working on my current problems. This time is different. I got to take a break from my current research and jump into a completely different environment. In the last several years, I frequently found out that the best things in life come at the most unexpected moments. I applied for this internship somewhere in October. Never heard back until I came back from a vacation in Miami. Got it after 3 weeks with 2 technical interviews. And here I am. During the last 11 weeks here, I’ve met so many people from different backgrounds, learn a lot of things that will be useful in the future. I’ve got to work in a very active and fast moving environment, where your code is running on thousands of production machines, where you can write your code in the morning, get it reviewed in the afternoon, landed and deployed in the evening. Most of my deploys were