And I want out so badly. It’s amazing how my perspective has changed after last summer. I’ve been living the “perfect” life in NYC for the last 4 years. Previously my definition of “perfect” was having a small living quarter for sleeping, taking train to/from work (read: don’t have to drive and deal with parking), having easy access to almost everything and getting out of the city occasionally. Now I probably want somewhere quiet, still having easy access to everything (aka within 10 minutes driving), and a car. Having a small garden to grow potatoes would be a plus.

I am sick of taking trains for at least 45 minutes to go anywhere in Manhattan, with additional nightmare of weeknight/weekend train schedules. I am sick of having a living quarter technically equal to two queen beds. I am sick of having a closet smaller than my chest drawer. And many other things.

Last week my hard drive died. Well, not really die, but I cannot boot into my OS. Any attempt to fix it will make it stop spinning. Fortunately I was able to get a brand new hard drive, install new OS and rsync files from my home directory over. No disk read error so far (which mean no data loss yay!) Hard drives are cheaper and cheaper and I am considering getting another one for RAID1 setup.

My Airport Extreme Base Station also died. Two out of 4 ports are dead, including the WAN port. It had been serving me well for the last 3 years. I originally bought it because it supports disk sharing, but now I realize it has the best support for multi concurrence users. My other Ā NETGEAR/TP-LINK devices are nowhere near it.

I am telling myself every single day: Get your shit together, try to finish whatever you have to and move on. Life is short.

Two weeks back to NYC

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