MTA ads find it way to the MetroCard. It’s actually look interesting and distinguishable. Now I don’t have to remember which one is unlimited and which one is pay as you go.


Jetpack (WordPress plugin) new module called Photon is great! Basically all my images/videos/audios are cached and served via WordPress server. Save me a lot of bandwidth (CPU improvement is not that much because I’m using nginx). However they better check their code. Seems like they were DDoS’ing my server for 30 minutes hitting a single image.


We had 3 courses of carp fish last night and it was great. It’s a treasure to find carp fish in NYC. Carp fish usually available in H-mart locations upstate or NJ, but this is the first time I saw it in NYC. Left: Carp sour soup. Center: Carp fry in canola oil. Right: Carp fish cooked with fish sauce (slight pun intended)




Guantanamo Bay costs about $445 million per year, or $7.29 million per prisoner per year. WTH?

I finally decided to give up on academia. I’ve been thinking about it in the last several years, but today is the final push after finished reading PhD Grind by Philip Guo. With my mediocre publications, I don’t think I stand a chance as assistant professor, postdoc or event research scientist. Now my full energy will be spending on finishing my PhD and moving on to other things.

On the topic of reading, I finally pick up my reading habit on subway. Last summer in San Francisco was not very good for reading because it took literally less than 15 minutes to go anywhere I wanted to go in SF, either by subway or bus. But now since I returned to NYC, I have 60 minutes on the train back and forth between my house and my lab, I’d better spend it on reading. Also I found that reading one book at a time is the best approach. I usually have two or three books on my Kindle at a time, and switch back and forth between them when I am bored with one or another. However reading one book at a time helps me understand the book and the author better, and also finish it faster.

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