April 23, 2017

Time for a weekly blog. I’ve almost finished my thesis proposal. Good feeling. I should have done it since February, but a lot of things have been going on since then. However I feel like I am at a much better position right now, and my thesis proposal is in much better shape than ever. A few things on my “things to worry about” list have been crossed out. It still have a few more, but it’s always good to cross any item off. It’s time of the year when there are lots of birthdays. Can’t understand that. 9 months to today was in the middle of the summer.  

Apr 15, 2017

After a few weeks of experiment, I would say recalling your last night dreams are quite hard. I usually can determine if I am in a dream or not, and occasionally can come back to a dream after a brief wakeup. I also often can recall almost every details of a dream right after wakeup. But by the time I have the first morning coffee, everything is gone. Just gone. I don’t have a slightest idea of what was going on in my dreams. Weird? Turns out dream recall is essential to lucid dreaming. The wikibook Lucid Dreaming wrote that the most important thing to improve dream recall is keeping a dream journal. So technically I am practising lucid dreaming without even realizing it. Strange? Actually lucid dreaming is kind of cool. It’s like being the sole director of your own movie, where you also the main actor/actress. You can control almost everything in your dream once you realize you’re dreaming. It’s like your own Inception setup. Cool? Anyway, back to not dreaming. I’m waiting anxiously for many things to happen. Hope for the best but plan for the worst. It always good to have a plan, and if you can afford, a backup plan as well in case things go south. I’m turning 30 this December, and can’t afford to start from the beginning again. Life’s short. Anyway, things can only get better. Right? It’s getting warmer and warmer in NYC. I’m really looking forward to this summer, with BBQ, beach, vacation and stuffs. But first, finishing my PhD would be nice. Then a short trip to Hawaii on top of that would be the icing on the cake. Not to mention camping/hiking/cycling during the summer. It would be nice to get a butt cramp after ~60 miles cycling