Lảm nhảm

Hôm trước đọc được bài có rất nhiều PhD sau khi tốt nghiệp đi làm Janitor vì việc nhẹ lương ổn định, lại có nhiều thời gian cho nghiên cứu. Cộng với việc có tin Google không đánh giá cao “người cao tuổi” (>40). Năm sau mà mình ra trường thì cũng là 30 rồi. Có khi cày cuốc 10 năm rồi đến 40 tuổi đi làm Janitor mất. Trong một diễn biến khác, mình đã biết vì sao những hộp sữa của mình để trong tủ lạnh của department không cánh mà bay, hoặc bị người khác dùng mất.


MTA ads find it way to the MetroCard. It’s actually look interesting and distinguishable. Now I don’t have to remember which one is unlimited and which one is pay as you go. Jetpack (WordPress plugin) new module called Photon is great! Basically all my images/videos/audios are cached and served via WordPress server. Save me a lot of bandwidth (CPU improvement is not that much because I’m using nginx). However they better check their code. Seems like they were DDoS’ing my server for 30 minutes hitting a single image. We had 3 courses of carp fish last night and it was

Two weeks back to NYC

And I want out so badly. It’s amazing how my perspective has changed after last summer. I’ve been living the “perfect” life in NYC for the last 4 years. Previously my definition of “perfect” was having a small living quarter for sleeping, taking train to/from work (read: don’t have to drive and deal with parking), having easy access to almost everything and getting out of the city occasionally. Now I probably want somewhere quiet, still having easy access to everything (aka within 10 minutes driving), and a car. Having a small garden to grow potatoes would be a plus. I

Goodbye, San Francisco!

It’s hard to say goodbye. I’ve spent exactly 14 weeks here. Yet I only have few more days before heading to Phoenix before coming back to New York. My first impression of San Francisco is “cold like hell”. As someone who spent the last 3 summers in New York, I was not expecting this kind of weather. Over the past 14 weeks, my weekly routine is almost the same: work hard Mon-Fri and play hard Sat-Sun. My typical week started with a Monday full of meetings. As an intern, I found my Monday schedule horrifying, or as my coworker often

Summer Reflections

Summer has come to an ends. It has been a lot of hard work and a lot of funs. Over the past 11 weeks, I’ve been “struggling” to find time to write blog. So this weekend, I decided to fuck it, I’m staying at home doing nothing. Well, only if life can be this simple. This weekend I need to finish a long overdue project, revise a paper and plan for my departure. So here I am, 2pm on a Saturday afternoon in the darkest corner of my office. But first thing first, I am going to write a blog

Dear websites: Please stop requesting for my contacts when login or signup

Dear websites, It is a really, really bad practice. There are many websites requesting access to my contacts when I just want to login or signup. Yes, I understand that you might want to know my contacts to suggest me people I want to follow on your websites. But I just don’t want to trade my precious contacts information for a few people to follows. It would be much better to just request for my email address for the purpose of login/signup. You can always request for my contacts when I want to discover people on your websites. Blindly request as

DigitalOcean credit expiration policy changed

Yesterday I received a strange email from DigitalOcean: Honestly, I don’t think it’s a good idea at all. Basically they want to change the expiration policy of ALL new and issued credits. You will have a month to use all your remaining credits, or it will be expired. It would be much better if they only add expiration for newly issued credits. As in, older credits will be kept intact. By the way, after a small complain, DigitalOcean gave me $20 credits. That was much better than I could hope for.


Well, after several months, yesterday I seemed to figure out my eye focusing problem (and maybe the lack of focus at work). Long story short, from last summer, my eyes simply cannot focus on a single point on my monitor at work or close objects. Everything still works fine for distant objects. At first, I thought it was the lighting problem. The ceiling light above my cubicle started flickering, half of it turned red while the other half stayed normal. But my eyes did not get any better when they finally replaced the fixture (took several months complaining) Then I began

Healthy Competition for Bitcoin

I’ve been following the Bitcoin block size debate since Gavin’s 20mb block proposal. If you’re not familiar with the block size debate, this wiki article is a good start. During the debate, I’ve lost respect for quite a few of famous people. But let’s put it aside. Let’s talk about a healthy competition for Bitcoin. There should be more than one teams working on different implementation of Bitcoin Yes, both the software and the protocol. If there is only one implementation, who will have the authority to decide which features to include/exclude in Bitcoin software? Who should decide which rules applied/not applied to

Goodbye Dropbox. Hello Google Drive!

Yep, that’s right. I finally made the switch from Dropbox to Google Drive. Dropbox is great. They have awesome and intuitive UI, and still the best UI among competitors so far. Their file sync process is simple but admirable. Instead of syncing the whole changed file, they only sync the difference. Reduce lots of network bandwidth and syncing time. So why the switch? Storage is the biggest issue. Even with edu accounts and lots of extra storage for completing Dropquests, my Dropbox limit is still far less than I need. 27GB is far less than 2PB (yes, 2PB) Google Drive offered.