Mar 22, 2017

Today I’ve killed another two mice, with one using frying pan. It’s also the 5th this month. It’s the first time in my 5 years living in this house that I have to kill mice. WTF is happening? I’ve submitted an abstract for my new paper to VAST 2017. Good feeling. I have until Mar 31 to write a whole new paper. Finger crossed. Writing paper, especially under deadlines (who doesn’t) is very stressful. That’s why last night I dreamed about not submitting the abstract ontime. In my dream, I had until 8pm ET to submit, but I still have nothing until 9pm. Fortunately it’s just a dream. Therefore, I decided to start a new category called “Last Night Dream”, to capture almost everything I dreamed (and if I still can recall). You might ask why. Just to keep track of what I have dreamed about, as a reference to real life, and maybe one day I will realize that I am just a simulation, living in someone else’s machine. Maybe we all. It’s great to catch up with several friends. Most of them are now in the job market looking for a full time position, just like me. Hope everything will work out in the end.