Low Light Photography

Photographers put a lot of focus and emphasis on the lighting for their pictures. After all, lighting is a powerful instrument in setting the overall tone and feel of the piece. Even when there is very little light to work with. In fact, it is in these situations that the lighting can create extremely emotive and distinctive compositions for the pics. Giving the shadows so much reign to run freely, carving interesting depths and crevaces into the pieces. This can also prove very tricky for photographers as some equipment does not work as well under these conditions, and cannot take sharp, clear photos without enough lighting. Though in some cases, as we can see in a select few below, this can also give the images more tone and texture that fits well with that particular composition. Below is a brand new showcase of low light photography to help get our readers inspired. Enjoy! Source: Noupe

Photography in Fashion

When worlds collide, it is said to be a cataclysmic event. That tends to ring true no matter where this adage gets applied. For instance, when the photography and fashion worlds collide the resulting inspirational discharge can be breathtaking. Two varied visual art forms melding together, their emotive power and intensity combining in a raw presentation that begs for its viewers attention. Which is what has brought this post together today. We have compiled a fantastic showcase of fashion photography for our readers inspiration needs. One that has an intoxicating allure so powerful, that few can avoid its pull. Take a look, and let us know what you think. Source: Noupe